Video Presentations

MiOXSYS Scientific Symposium at ESHRE 39th Annual Meeting, 2023

Lectures by Dr. Lina Evgeni, Marija Kljajic, Prof. Ralf Henkel on a new data in assessing fertility potential.

MiOXSYS Scientific Symposium at ESHRE 38th Annual Meeting, 2022

Lectures by Prof. Dr. Ashok Agarwal, Prof. Dr. Ralf Henkel and Israel Maldonado Rosas, MS on a novel approach to male infertility.

MiOXSYS: How to use?

MiOXSYS – a complete, definitive and rapid seminal oxidative stress measurement system. Learn more about this by watching the video.

Video Presentations

“The Evolving Role of Oxidation-Reduction Potential in the Male Infertility Investigation”

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