Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sample does the MiOXSYS System measure?

The MiOXSYS System is intended to be used with fresh and frozen liquefacted male semen samples.

Can I use test frozen semen samples using the MiOXSYS System?

Semen samples that are liquefacted and flash frozen within 1 hour at -80C are acceptable for testing.

What does the MiOXSYS System measure specifically?

The MiOXSYS System measures the transfer of electrons in all known and unknown oxidants and reductants within the biological sample.

Is MiOXSYS intended to replace the semen analysis profile?

The MiOXSYS System is intended to be assessed in conjunction with the semen analysis parameters. Patients who are classified idiopathic or of “unknown cause” should undergo a MiOXSYS test to help identify if oxidative stress has a role in the presence of abnormal semen parameters and diagnosis of infertility in general.

What are the reportable values for MiOXSYS?

The MiOXSYS System values are not intended to be reported as raw “mV” values. The MiOXSYS values are normed to patient sperm concentration in order for interpretation of patient results to be reported. Please refer to the MiOXSYS System Package Insert for complete instructions.

How can I contact a MiOXSYS Specialist or place an order?

Please submit your request by contacting us at info@mioxsys.com.

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